Sergio Ramos Biography

Full Name: Sergio Ramos García

Date of birth: March 30, 1986

Place of birth: Camas (Seville), Spain

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Nationality: Spain

Height: 183 cms

Weight: 73 kg

Club: Real Madrid

Position: Defender

Parents: Father Jose María & Mother Paqui

Brothers and Sisters: Brother Rene & Sister Mirian





Sergio Ramos García was born on 30 March 1986 in Camas in Seville, Spain.

As a son of father Jose María and mother Paqui he began his career in recent years at the football club FC Camas.

His older brother Rene (acts now as his agent) starts with playing football and he was the person who encouraged Sergio to join his first club, FC Camas.

It turned out that a large football talent was into Sergio.

FC Seville became soon attentive to him, they showed large interest in him, Sergio became a member of the youth crew by Seville.

There he showed large potential and 2003 he was finally called up to the first crew.

Sergio continued to fight, could secure himself with good achievements a place in the starting lineup and played as right defender.

In 2004 he could celebrate his first large success, as he became with the Spanish Under – 19 national team European champion.

The European clubs were following his progression with great attention, because of his exceptional good achievements and soon Sergio received many offers, also from the Spanish football club Real Madrid.

After two years of experience in La Liga, Sergio signed 2005 with “los galácticos” for a transfer fee of 27 million Euro and so he became the sixth-most expensive purchase of association history.

With Real Madrid he could convince fast of himself and gave his debut for the team in La Liga on September the 9th 2005 against Celta Vigo.

With only 21 years of age, Sergio Ramos has become one of the most important players in the Madridista squad.

His strength, his courage and his dedication have made him an icon of Real Madrid.

He is a defensive Allrounder, he plays as right or central defender, but also in the defensive midfield.

Sergio is also an excellent header, he scored in the 2006/2007 season in the Primera Division 4 goals with his head.

He scored his first ever Champions League goal for Real Madrid against Olympiakos.

Sergio wears the famous number 4 shirt, the same like once Fernando Hierro, a famous former member of Real Madrid.


The Madridistas have a true jewel in Sergio Ramos, both in defense, where he’s always expeditious, and in offense, where team, club, and fans alike hope he will continue to shine.


On March the 26th 2005 Sergio make one’s debut for the Spanish national team against China, there he wears the number 15 shirt.

When he took to the field against China, Sergio became the first 18-year-old to play for Spain since goalkeeper Juan Acuna in 1941.

He started a FIFA World Cup qualifier against Serbia and Montenegro in Belgrade on his 19th birthday and was soon a regular, appearing three times in the 2006 World Cup finals as Spain reached the second round.

Meanwhile Sergio is a fixture in Spain’s starting lineup.



U-19 – European champion with the Spanish youth national team

2005: Named by UEFA best youth player of La Liga

2006/2007: La Liga Champion

2008: Antonio Puerta Award
2008: Winner EURO Championship



Sergio has a tiny dog called Odi, he loves him much.

His family and friends are most important in his life and whenever he has the chance, he’s on a train back to Seville to visit his family and friends.

Sergio has long hair, is his brand name and he will never cut them off.

Further Sergio has numerous tattoos, which have a deep meaning for him.

For instance: on his left inner arm he tattooed the initials of his parents and the number seven, is his lucky number. As well as the initials of him, his brother and sister on his left middle finger.

He also has tattoos with the dates of the terrorist attacks on New York and Madrid.

Sergio’s teammates call him “pajero” or “gypsy” because of his love for flamenco music.

Of the pitch Sergio likes bullfighting and if he had not become a football player, his dream job would be bullfighter.

After winning the European Cup 2008, Sergio decided to share the moment with Antonio Puerta, who died at the age of 22.Under the photo appeared the message “Always with us”


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